Dentist hosts dinner party for hit TV show

IPSWICH/KESGRAVE: A dentist who has practices in Ipswich and Kesgrave will be on tenterhooks this Friday to see how he is portrayed in the hit show Come Dine With Me.

Amit Koshal decided to take on the challenge of hosting his own dinner party for three complete strangers to prove to his wife, Anisha, that he can cook.

Over the course of the week, he attended the dinner parties of his three other guests in his home town of St Albans in Hertfordshire, and at the end of each night, they scored each other’s night out of ten.

Dr Koshal said he was “gutted” his menu of Indian food with a twist didn’t impress enough to win the overall prize, but is pleased that he proved he can cook.

The week of dinner parties was filmed for the Channel 4 show in February and will be aired this Friday.

Dr Koshal will be cooking for family and friends on the night while they watch the show.

He said: “My wife was amazed by my cooking and it went down really well.

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“I am described in the preview as ‘fiercely competitive’ and I don’t know where that came from so I’ll be interested to see how they have portrayed me.

“It was absolutely shattering but a really great experience. I have been cooking a lot more lately.”