Deputy Mayor of Ipswich Glen Chisholm to support Whitehouse community in new role

He has broken down barriers and inspired people from all walks of life to believe that anything is possible.

And now Glen Chisholm plans to build on that legacy from his time as Mayor of Ipswich in his latest role.

Mr Chisholm has just been recruited as the very first Whitehouse community development worker, supporting people in a deprived area of the town to unlock their potential.

“After my experience as mayor I was looking for a way to carry on with momentum,” said Mr Chisholm, who is now deputy mayor.

“It’s a community engagement role helping people to have a better opinion of their neighbourhood and helping them to make their neighbourhood better. It’s an exciting opportunity and I’m looking forward to getting involved.”

Mr Chisholm is employed by Ipswich Community Media (ICM), with funding from Ipswich Community Ventures.

Cad Taylor, of ICM, said it was a “real coup” to have Mr Chisholm, who was raised in Whitehouse and is a borough councillor for the ward, on the team.

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“Many of the kids here went to Westbourne and that’s where Glen went so they can see a pathway for themselves,” she added. “He knows everyone and it allows us to fast-track conversations with the community.”