Diamond couple delay their celebration – for joyful reason

BRAMFORD: A couple who delayed their diamond wedding anniversary celebrations have been sharing the secrets of a happy marriage with their granddaughter.

Alice and Frank Allum reached the milestone anniversary in August but decided to put their plans on hold so they could enjoy the wedding of their granddaughter Jodie Boon.

“Jodie got married a couple of days after our anniversary so it was lovely to have that to celebrate first, especially as it was so close to ours,” said Mrs Allum, 79, of Packard Place, Bramford.

The family enjoyed a meal at the Novotel, Ipswich, yesterday and Mrs Allum was presented with a bouquet of flowers by staff. She said: “It was wonderful having the family reunited again for our anniversary.”

The couple believe that taking the rough with the smooth and riding out the difficult times together has kept their marriage alive, and they passed these words of wisdom on to Jodie - the first of their grandchildren to tie the knot - and her new husband Terry.

“She is so happy that there wasn’t much more we could tell her,” said Mrs Allum. “To make a marriage work you have just got to be happy and enjoy life.”

Mr Allum, 84, and his wife have three children and four grandchildren, who all joined them for the celebration along with their partners.

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“We haven’t got any great grandchildren yet,” they said. “We are just waiting patiently now, we are hoping Jodie will hurry up.”

Mrs Allum added: “My grandson Daniel, who is 14, has just been named cricket player of the year by Ipswich and East Suffolk Cricket Club and I am so proud. There have been lots of reasons to celebrate.”

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