Did this driver deserve a parking ticket for leaving her car hanging over the pavement?

Tracy Garwood's car parked on her drive in Saturn Road, Ipswich

Tracy Garwood's car parked on her drive in Saturn Road, Ipswich - Credit: Archant

A woman has been left fuming after she was given a ticket for a car parked on her drive, which was deemed to be on double yellow lines.

Tracy Garwood, 45, had previously been left a message from a neighbour stating her car should not be parked where there were double yellows.

Within days Miss Garwood was then given a parking ticket, despite her car being on her driveway in Saturn Road, Ipswich, because it protruded onto the path, and was therefore classed as parking in a waiting area.

The yellow lines were put in place because Saturn Road is classed as a bus route, no buses operate there, and no plans for a new bus route have been made.

“I was told I am not allowed to park there – it’s classed as a waiting area because of the bus stop markings,” Miss Garwood said.

“People have been struggling to park here for the last 10 years, everybody is fighting for spaces and it’s causing a lot of grief.”

It is understood a number of other residents have also been issued similar parking warnings.

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Suffolk County Council told the frustrated resident a bus route had been part of the plans for the estate when it was developed, but it had never been taken up.

The letter added: “The extent of enforcement for waiting restrictions extends further than the carriageway and in most cases includes the footway and verge if any.

“This could be the reason why the car had received a ticket/notice.”

Until last week, the road was still considered a private road in the hands of the developer, but Suffolk County Council adopted the road as of June 16.

A letter to Miss Garwood from Ipswich Borough Council, which enforces parking, said: “We have looked further into the matter and can confirm we are unaware of any planned bus routes for the location specified.

“It is possible to ask for parking restrictions to be lifted, but this would need to be requested via Suffolk County Council.”

Suffolk County Council said no requests to remove the yellow lines have been received yet.

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