Diesel oil found in firm's water

STAFF at a Suffolk firm are drinking from bottles today after diesel oil was found in their water supply.

STAFF at a Suffolk firm are drinking from bottles today after diesel oil was found in their water supply.

Global logistics company Ceva's site in Norwich Road, Mendlesham, near Stowmarket, noticed there was something wrong with its water nearly two weeks ago.

Tests showed it was contaminated with diesel oil and workers on the site were warned not to drink from the tap, however it was found that the problem was contained within Ceva.

An investigation is continuing today and the cause of the problem has not yet been found.

One of the around 200 employees on the site, who did not want to be named, said: “Rumours went round the site that the water supply wasn't very good. Then guys came round and taped up the taps.

“Then we heard they had found diesel in it. We have to drink bottled water and we're taking baby wipes to wash our hands.

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“It is worrying but I haven't heard of anyone getting sick and I think everyone is okay.”

Rupert Nichols, a director at Ceva, said: “We contacted Essex and Suffolk Water and they have been doing tests. The tests have detected mineral oil in the water but the levels are not sufficient to be harmful to health.

“There is a smell and a taste effect. They are doing more tests and looking for the best methods of resolving it.”

A spokeswoman for Essex and Suffolk Water said: “We immediately checked that there was no risk to the public water supply and we are 100 per cent sure there isn't.

“We did detect traces of diesel oil. This has happened on Ceva's site so it is their responsibility.”

She added that Essex and Suffolk Water was continuing to carry out tests on the water for Ceva.

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