Disabled parking row at Hadleigh Morrison’s led BMW driver to assault woman with walking stick

Morrisons in Hadleigh

Morrisons in Hadleigh - Credit: Archant

A 25-year-old woman who parked in a space reserved for the disabled assaulted a female who questioned her right to do so, a court heard.

Lusardi Hall, of Upper Street, Layham, near Hadleigh, pleaded guilty at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court to assault and criminal damage on August 20 last year.

Prosecutor David Bryant said the older woman – who had surgery for a degenerative condition in the previous 18 months - had been shopping at Morrison’s in Hadleigh and was loading up her Chrysler car.

The victim was using a walking stick. She challenged Hall and her partner after the dental nurse put her BMW Series 1 in a parking space for the disabled.

An argument ensued. Hall was said to have got out of her car and pushed the other woman to the chest, causing her to fall back into her driver’s seat. This allegedly caused damage to the plastic edging of the seat.

Mr Bryant said Hall went to attack the woman again, but was restrained by her partner.

As Hall drove off she collided with a shopping trolley which hit the other woman’s car causing damage.

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It was also said Hall had been threatening and abusive during the incident.

Hall told police she had parked in a space reserved for the disabled as she was not properly dressed.

Her partner had gone into the shop for 10 minutes before returning.

Comments were made by the woman with the walking stick and Hall became involved. She claimed the other woman had become aggressive leading to Hall becoming angry and upset.

Mark Thompson, representing Hall, said his client accepted most of what the prosecutor had said and accepted she was in the wrong to park in the bay.

Hall claimed it was the victim who was abusive to her and had banged her walking stick on the BMW.

Mr Thompson said Hall got out of the car and pushed the woman back. However, she accepted she was angry.

More words were exchanged before, it was said, a rather flustered Hall reversed her car out, colliding with the trolley which then hit the other woman’s Chrysler.

District Judge Celia Dawson told Hall: “This incident does not reflect very well on you.

“You were completely in the wrong. You lost your temper to such an extent you actually pushed someone who had a walking stick.”

Hall was ordered to pay her victim £200 compensation and must pay a further £275 in fines, costs and a surcharge.