Do you have a walk-in wardrobe, wine fridge or Sonos? New survey rates ‘poshness’ of Ipswich homes

How does your family rate on the poshness scale?

How does your family rate on the poshness scale? - Credit: Getty Images/Pixland

A new survey has highlighted the most obvious signs of affluence, find put how you score by taking our quiz.

Selwyn Fernandes, managing director of LV home insurance, said: “It’s important your policy limits reflect what you own.”

Here are the top items or features in a house which indicate the owners are “mid-net-worth” households, according to the research from LV=, followed by the percentages of people surveyed who said they had these features in their home.

<noscript><ul id="questions"><li>Do you have a home office?</li><li>Do you have a vinyl collection and/or a piece of limited edition art?</li><li>Do you have a playroom, a music delivery system such as Sonos, or under-floor heating, or a combination of these luxuries?</li><li>Do you have a nutrient extractor such as a NutriBullet and/or a wine fridge?</li><li>Do you have a walk-in wardbrobe?</li><li>Do you have a range cooker such as an Aga in your kitchen? Or do you use high-end wall coverings such as Farrow & Ball paint? Perhaps you have both?</li></ul></noscript></ul>

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