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FINDING Friends is our column to help reunite you with long lost relatives and friends. LISA WOOLLARD reports on a host of new heartfelt appeals, which may be seeking somebody you know.

FINDING Friends is our column to help reunite you with long lost relatives and friends. LISA WOOLLARD reports on a host of new heartfelt appeals, which may be seeking somebody you know.

AN Ipswich mother on a quest to find her long lost son, has today contacted Finding Friends - our column dedicated to finding friends and relatives across the world.

Gillian Thaine was reunited with her son, Andrew Edward, five years ago when he tracked her down to an address in Grove Lane, in Ipswich. But since then she has moved to Mallard Way and desperately wishes to get in contact with him again.

Mr Bird is 23 years old, and lives in Guildford in Surrey. When he came to visit he had a long-term girlfriend, and a son aged around three.

Miss Thaine, of Mallard Way, Ipswich, said: “Andrew lived with me until he was three years old and then he was adopted. I was so pleased when he tracked me down and now I really want to meet him again.” Anyone with news can contact her on 01473 602164.

Meanwhile, Alan Furniss is looking for Robin Kilpatrick who suffered a serious accident.

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He said: “I was at school with him in Stowmarket but he lived in Ipswich. He was tragically run down when we ran away from school in 1985, 1986 to 1987. The accident left him in a coma for a few months, and brain damaged. The last I knew, he went to a special place in the Westcountry for mentally handicapped people.

“His date of birth was July 26, 1975, He was born in Ipswich. I have wondered what had happened to him for many years.” Alan can be contacted on

Susan Hawes of 20 Robson House, Lackford Place, Ipswich, would like anyone from her college days to write and get in touch. Susan, now 36, studied on the two-year course called NNEB at the age of 17, from 1986 to 1988.

Cyril Rattle from Oregon Road, Kesgrave would like to trace a woman with an unforgettable name, to say a belated thank you for a day etched in his memory. Yumpsie Vandenburgh was in the WRAF before the war, and single at the time when he knew her in 1938.

He said: “I would love to have a few words with two sisters Yumpsie Vandenburgh and Mona Smith who used to live next door to me when I was ten years old.

“I was convalescing after an operation at a church home in Clacton, the week before the Second World War was declared. The youngest sister Yumpsie was in the WRAF, and they got permission to take me out to the beach and bought me a wafer ice cream which I'd never had in my life - I'd only had cornets!

I had a great day out but I've never even seen her since to thank her.”

He can be contacted on 01473 610653.

Len Widdenson, of Waterthorpe in Sheffield, wants to trace a friend from the Ipswich area who he met in 1944 in India.

The 85-year-old met Bob Grimsey when they were in the RAF in 1944-46. They were posted in Cawnpore and worked in an electro plating shop together but enjoyed playing cricket in their spare time.

Anyone with information should contact 0114 2482838.

Brenda Rumsey, nee Haggar from Elizabeth Way, Felixstowe, wants to trace her best friend from 1953-1957, when they were at Manningtree Secondary School.

Eva Ware, who was also known as Eva Hughes, lived at Plumptons farmhouse in Elmstead, Essex. If you can help call 01394 275862.

Valerie Wilkie, of Taunton, wants to contact the children of Arthur and Irene Wotton, who lived at 90 Westholme Road, in Ipswich, until their recent deaths.

Her number is 01823 286423.

Mrs J Green from Sheppards Way, Grange Farm, Kesgrave wants to trace her bridesmaid Pat Kinsey (nee Tweed) and can be contacted on 01473 611463.

Pat lived in the Crofts area of Ipswich and Foxhall Road, and went to the wedding in June 1956.

Christine Watkinson who used to live at 43 Aster Road, Ipswich, is sought by Mrs V Leathers from Shetland Close.

Mrs Leathers said: “Christine lost her husband a few years ago. There was a son Philip and daughter Greta. Greta lives somewhere in the USA - I wonder if Christine moved there?”

She can be contacted on 01473 717668.

Peggy Brown (nee Chenery) from Holderness Road in Hull has four local people to track down from the 1950s.

She would like to find Maureen Fisk from Fore Street, Derick and Phylis Prentice from Long Street and her cousin Pat Wright from Cemetery Road. Mrs Brown can be contacted on 012482 702095.


If you would like to appeal for information about a friend or relative you have lost touch with, send in this form.