Do you know your Scouse from your Brummie? Tricky quiz reveals the toughest dialects

How good are you at detecting different accents?

How good are you at detecting different accents? - Credit: Archant

How well do you know the British and Irish accents?

The British isles is famous for its vast array of accents. From Glaswegian to Northern Irish, Liverpudlian to received pronunciation, Britain’s many accents vary wildly over relatively short distances.

There are 56 recognised accents across the UK and 15 dialects have been included in this interactive quiz.

According to results of the quiz from last year, which had 1.3million guesses, the Glaswegian accent proved to be the most recognisable with 77% of participants getting the correct answer.

Received pronunciation, (74%), Northern Irish (70%) and Southern Irish (70%) rounded off the top four.

On the other end of the scale, Birmingham proved to be the least recognisable with just a 32% correct answer rate. It was followed by Lancashire (36%) and Somerset (53%).

The Accent Map of the British Isles, which was produced by Expedia, tries to give you clues with phrases that are used by a voice actor.

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It contains 10 questions, with users scoring an average of six.