Couple rescue woman stuck in mud with help from their dog

Steve and Chantal Cullington Read with their dog Koda

Steve and Chantal Cullington Read with their dog Koda - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

An Ipswich couple with the help of their German Shepherd rescued a woman who was stuck in the mud at Nacton foreshore. 

Steve and Chantal Cullington Read were out for a morning run at around 11am when they rescued a woman who found herself in trouble at the popular beauty spot. 

This was after emergency services had received a call from someone saying they were trapped in mud at the foreshore, and five fire crews and two police vehicles were dispatched. 

Woolverstone Marina from the Nacton Foreshore. Picture: PAUL GEATER

Emergency services were called to Nacton Foreshore to help rescue a woman stuck in mud - Credit: PAUL GEATER

After their run the couple stopped for a coffee on a track about 10 feet away from the shoreline. Once the pair had settled down Mrs Cullington Read said she heard calls for help coming from the shoreline. 

Mrs Cullington Read and their dog Koda walked along the shoreline to see if they could locate where the calls were coming from. 

Koda ran off into the reed beds and guided the couple to the stuck person. Mrs Cullington Read then proceeded to call 999 to alert the police of the woman. 

Mr Cullington Read is "extremely proud" of Koda after she helped locate the missing person on Saturday, April 10. 

Steve and Chantal Cullington Read with their dog Koda

Steve and Chantal Cullington Read with their dog Koda - the trio helped rescue a woman stuck in mud at Nacton foreshore - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

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He added: "She actually found the woman and then she came back to me and led me to her. 

"I am extremely proud of Koda, we have done a lot of training with our dog, and we actually do play a game with her call 'find' where we hide things up and she has to go and find them and sniff them out. 

"German Shepherds are renowned for being good sniffer dogs."

The couple then liaised with the police as they helped the woman out of the mud. 

•If you need help and support, call Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust’s First Response helpline 0808 196 3494 or the Samaritans on 116 123. Both services are available 24 hours 7 days a week. You can also download the Stay Alive app on Apple & Android.

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