Dog owner in court after vicious attacks

A DOG owner could today be facing custody after his two bull-mastiffs viciously attacked two pet dogs in public.

A DOG owner could today be facing custody after his two bull-mastiffs viciously attacked two pet dogs in public.

Mark Chetty, of Bernard Crescent, Ipswich, has been told by magistrates that his dogs could be destroyed and he could go to prison following the attacks last year.

At South East Magistrates' Court, Chetty pleaded guilty to four counts of having a dog dangerously out of control in a public place.

The court heard how on September 9 last year a woman was walking her terrier dog, Bob, along Nacton Road when the two bull-mastiffs approached him and bit his legs.

Stephen Colman, prosecuting, said the owner tried everything to try and get the dogs off her pet, and described being “very frightened”. Help eventually arrived and the victimised dog was rescued.

The second incident happened on October 12 when Beverley Garnham was walking her Springer cross Keno through Landseer Park.

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It was heard that the same two dogs, again unaccompanied, viciously attacked Keno, and eventually fled after being wrestled off by members of the public.

Speaking to the Evening Star shortly after the attack, Mrs Garnham, said: “I was just devastated. I'm really grateful to everyone that came out to help because if they hadn't he would be dead.”

Police arrested Chetty, who confirmed that the dogs were his and had chewed through a fence panel which surrounded one side of their metal enclosure in the back garden.

The 24-year-old father-of-two, who has had the dogs for four years, claimed they had never attacked dogs or people before.

He added that since the attacks, he has ensured all four sides of the enclosure are secure.

Roger Thomson, mitigating, said: “He did try to phone the lady in the second incident on a couple of occasions and apologise and offer to pay her vet bills.

“Despite these nasty and unpleasant attacks, the fact that the dogs did not turn around and attack the people hitting them shows they are not a danger to the public.”

Chairman of the bench Ray Condon said more information was needed about the security of the dogs, how they are cared for and the family circumstances.

He did not rule out imposing a destruction and banning order. He added that custody could also be an option. The case was adjourned until March 17 so a pre-sentence report could be carried out.

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SOUTH East Suffolk Magistrates' Court heard how the dog owner was walking along Nacton Road when she spotted two bull mastiffs, without a lead or an owner, across the other side of the carriageway.

They ran across the road and one of them proceeded to block the terrier's path, while the other attempted to bite its hind legs.

The owner tried everything to get the dogs off her pet.

She said she heard other members of the public screaming, but no one came to help until two people arrived in a people-carrier and pulled the poor pooch away.

Magistrates heard that Bob was covered in blood and had suffered puncture wounds. A trip to the vets set her back �65.

The second incident in Landseer Park saw the two dogs approach Keno as they were leaving the park at the Clapgate Lane exit. They began sniffing him, before snarling and growling. One of the dogs then bit Keno and Mrs Garnham tried to drag it off as she screamed for help.

The court heard that several people came over and were trying to hit the mastiffs to get them to release Keno.

Eventually the dogs ran away, leaving Keno with puncture wounds to his leg.

Vet bills exceeded �1,200 as his injuries were so severe.

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