Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Dog Poo Fairy!

Jason Alexander posing like a superhero wearing his inflatable fairy costume

Jason Alexander aka Morris the Dog Poo Fairy will be cleaning up the streets of dog mess in the coming weeks - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Not all heroes wear capes, but one Ipswich man is ready to don fairy wings to banish dog poo from the streets of his community.

Jason Alexander, founder of Rubbish Walks is the man behind Morris the Dog Poo Fairy, a real-life superhero battling against the ultimate antagonist that is - dog mess.  

Having recently picked up his one millionth cigarette butt, Jason is onto his next challenge. 

But the next time you’ll see Jason he’ll be wearing his inflatable fairy costume scooping up dog poo around Ipswich and Woodbridge. 

The dog poo fairy standing in his pink inflatable fairy costume with trusty bucket and scoop

Jason's costume was donated by Morrisons in Ipswich - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Jason is a keen advocate for cleaner streets and is out litter picking most days. It was during his outings that he came up with the idea to tackle dog poo. 

He said: “One of the things I always see is lots of litter, but also lots of dog poo – particularly dog poo in bags.  

“Owners have gone to the trouble of bagging the poo, but then they just chuck it in the hedge or leave it swinging from a tree.

"It’s a real pain for lots of us because you end up standing in it and also when the poo is in the bag it isn’t going to go anywhere.” 

A black bucket labelled dog poo next to a poop scoop with bobbly eyes

The Dog Poo Fairy's trusty bucket and scoop - Credit: Charlotte Bond

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Jason explained that although dog poo bags may be advertised as biodegradable they often can only degrade in certain conditions. 

He said: “When most people hear the word biodegradable, they think it means it’s not bad for the environment – if we just throw it in the environment, it will just break down into natural components and disappear, but that’s just not true.

"The vast majority of items that are labelled biodegradable they only biodegrade under very strict conditions and that’s usually some kind of industrial process.” 

The dog poo fairy picking up litter with his scoop

The Dog Poo Fairy is hitting the streets of Ipswich and Woodbridge - Credit: Charlotte Bond

But Jason isn’t here to chastise anyone. He wants to thank the dog owners who do pick up after their dogs and light-heartedly remind those that don’t. 

He hopes the Dog Poo Fairy may be joined by other well known faces such as Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy on his walks.

The Dog Poo Fairy will next make an appearance on Saturday with the Chantry Wombles. 

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