Don’t deport my fiance!

IPSWICH: A teenager is today pleading with immigration officials to have a heart and stop her Kurdish immigrant fiance from being deported.

Jade Baker, 17, of Alan Road, says her world has been turned upside down since her fiance Dana Kunawi Mohammed was served with a removal notice three weeks ago.

Mr Kunawi Mohammed, 23, is currently awaiting deportation at a crowded detention centre near Gatwick Airport.

Now Jade and her parents Nick and Caroline are pressing immigration officials to try and stop the move.

Jade, a childcare student at Suffolk New College, said: “I’ve been sleeping on the sofa next to the phone hoping that it will ring with good news.

“I’m devastated by what’s happened and miss him so much. I speak to him every three hours.

“We’re trying to get him bailed but he’s currently sat in a room with 16 other people waiting to be flown home – he’s trying to remain chirpy even though he’s in complete limbo.

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“If he does get deported I would move abroad to be with him – even if that meant living in Iraq.”

Mr Kunawi Mohammed came to the UK from Kurdistan five years ago to seek asylum and lived in various cities before settling in Ipswich.

Jade’s father Nick, 41, added: “We’re aware of this country’s immigration laws and the fact that Dana came here illegally.

“But he is a decent honest man who would make the perfect son-in-law. In fact he has become like a son to us. He has never been in trouble and he wants to find work. We would be happy to have him live with us.

“The Home Office says he has no family ties to the UK but he has strong and legitimate ties to Ipswich. If anyone knows of a similar situation where an immigrant has been allowed here on compassionate grounds we would like to hear from them – we need all the help we can get.”

The Home Office was unavailable for comment when contacted by The Evening Star.

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