Donation from XL Catlin helps reinstate music therapy sessions for Chantry’s Sue Ryder residents

Sue Ryder's The Chantry in Ipswich

Sue Ryder's The Chantry in Ipswich - Credit: Archant

Music therapy sessions shelved after a funding cut have been reintroduced after a business’ donation.

Residents at Sue Ryder in Chantry have been delighted by the service’s relaunch which came about after money was pledged to the project by insurance company XL Catlin.

The sessions, which will now be run for another year, are for residents living with complex neurological conditions.

Residents get the chance to make their own music which helps restore their sense of independence and control.

Previous music therapy sessions were found to help them better cope with their conditions and reduce anxiety.

One resident said the sessions “challenge us to find the right notes and match our singing to the rest of the group” while another added it reminded her of the days when she sang in a choir.

Visit Sue Ryder’s website to find out more about the charity.