Doner is no black sheep of this family

RHIANNA Davies had a little lamb and like the pet that followed Mary everywhere she went, Doner was not missing out on a trip to school.The 11-year-old took her pet lamb to Ipswich Preparatory School and really became a hit with classmates.

RHIANNA Davies had a little lamb and just like the pet that followed Mary everywhere she went, Rhianna's lamb followed her to school.

The 11-year-old took her pet lamb, Doner, to Ipswich Preparatory School where she became a big hit with classmates.

Doner had a rocky start to life as her mother's milk had dried up and could not feed little Doner.

Rhianna's family offered to help and, with all family members rallying round, Doner was bottle-fed every four hours.

Doner is now thriving and enjoying life with her new family.

She has designated the area behind the sofa, next to the radiator, as her own and prefers the comfort of indoors to the wide open spaces.

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Her stay with her foster family was supposed to be temporary but Rhianna is so enjoying looking after her new pet, the move could be permanent.

She may be a black sheep but she's certainly a much-loved animal.

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