Double decker home with a view

CLIFF Richard eat your heart out!This Bachelor Boy from Felixstowe is not living in a double-decker bus for his Summer Holiday – it's his permanent address.

CLIFF Richard eat your heart out!

This Bachelor Boy from Felixstowe is not living in a double-decker bus for his Summer Holiday – it's his permanent address.

Paul Hallett , of The Bus, Platters Road, loves living in his once-bright red bus, especially as it has running water, mains electricity and a fitted shower room.

It's all one man and his dog could want, especially as his workplace is only a step away from his front door.

"It's really good, it is cosy especially when it's raining because it gives you a safe feeling," said Mr Hallett, 34, who has lived in the bus for two years.

"It's better than living in a house. I have no real reason to say that - I just feel safer and cosier in a bus than a house. There is big open spaces in a house.

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"It's something I have always wanted to do and the opportunity was there."

Mr Hallett used to live in a caravan but found it was too small for him and his black Labrador to feel comfy in.

The double-decker used to be a children's play bus at Manning's Amusements, Sea Road, but when the attraction fell flat the bus was moved to the back of the complex where it was gradually turned into a home.

"My daughter loves it, she thinks I'm a bit eccentric but she loves it. I don't think she thinks it's strange because I have always been living in caravans."

Mr Hallett has converted the bus in to his home during his spare time when he is not working as a self-employed builder for Manning's Amusements.

His address The Bus, Platters Road, is recognised by taxi drivers when he rings up for a lift, however his mail is still delivered to the amusement park.

Mr Hallett's des res has its plumbing and electricity connected to the mains. The practical dad of an 18-year-old daughter, who lives elsewhere in Felixstowe, fitted all the appliances and utilities himself as he has experience as a carpenter, plumber and electrician.

His kitchen has a microwave, sink and all the other appliances typical in any normal home.

His main living quarters, where there is a bedroom, sitting room and a fully fitted shower room, can be found upstairs after climbing the carpeted half-spiralling staircase.

"There's no problem living in the bus, I think other people have a problem with me living in a bus. My neighbours don't appreciate it too much," he said.

To placate his neighbours Mr Hallett has boarded up one side of the bus so that they do not feel their gardens are over-looked. He has also painted the red bus magnolia to blend in with the amusement park.

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