Downpour sweeps county

GALLERY Torrential showers hammered down across the region and weather boffs say there are more to come.

TORRENTIAL showers hammered down across the region today and weather boffins had ominous news that there were more to come.

The downpour began at about 6am and the risk of rain was expected to loom over the region at least until the weekend.

According to Evening Star weather expert Ken Blowers, the erratic conditions are down to a rain producing depression lurking just south of the UK.

Mr Blowers said: “The depression is affecting the whole country and rain will continue to fall over the next few days in the form of showers. It will also bring fresh to strong winds.

“The showers are caused by a displacement of jet streams - a narrow belt of high speed winds about three miles up which control movement of depression at the surface. These winds are usually found between northern Scotland and Iceland.”

So far August has given us 1.91 inches of rain - that's way more than half the 2.23 inch average for the month.

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The bad weather just adds to a summer of unpredictable conditions and unexpected downpours.

On June 2, Ipswich was hit by nearly an inch of rain, while March 16 brought 1.10ins.

The current deluge will eventually move north, making way for bright spells and more showers, which could put a damper on thousands of festival-goer's weekends as the V-Festival kicks off in Chelmsford.

Today's weather led bosses at Britain's biggest port to warn truckers of possible delays over the next two days.

Forecasts of strong winds raised the prospect of quayside crane operations at Felixstowe being affected - with the probability of implementing Operation Stack “moderate to high”.

The winds were expected to last from today to noon on Thursday.

“Based on this information it would appear that the wind may at times be above the safe working limits for park operations, with intermittent stoppages highly likely,” said a port spokesman.

If the port is closed, lorries will be directed to queue on the old A45 road at Levington parallel to the A14.