Dozens of motorists clocked going over 100mph including Porsche driver recorded at 129mph on the A14 near Ipswich

Policeman with a speed gun. Stock picture: Archant.

Policeman with a speed gun. Stock picture: Archant. - Credit: Archant

Dozens of drivers have been clocked going over 100mph on Suffolk’s roads.

Several motorists were caught on the A12 between East Bergholt and Stratford St Mary. Picture: GREGG

Several motorists were caught on the A12 between East Bergholt and Stratford St Mary. Picture: GREGG BROWN - Credit: Gregg Brown

Urging motorists to think twice when breaking speed limits, Detective Inspector Chris Hinitt, of Suffolk Constabulary’s Serious Collision Investigation Team, spoke as latest figures show dozens of speeders were caught on the county’s road network between August 2016 and September 2017.

An investigation by this newspaper revealed one motorist managed to hit 129mph in a Porsche on the A14 near Ipswich, while another three were caught on the Orwell Bridge.

An Audi driver was clocked at 103mph, a Lexus driver at 111mph, while the highest recorded on the bridge hit 113mph in an Audi.

Detective Inspector Hinitt said: “If you think about how long it takes to stop at 70mph, about the length of a football pitch, you can imagine how far the stopping distance of someone going at 100mph might be like.

“The top speed of 129mph is just ridiculously excessive.

“How on earth can a driver control what they are doing at that sort of speed? All of these people have been caught in areas monitored by cameras with clearly visible signs – you’ve got to think if they are not noticing the signs, what else aren’t they seeing?

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“When emergency vehicles go at these sorts of speeds they are being driven by trained professionals.

“The blue lights will be flashing and sirens on so all road users are able to see them.

“It does shock me that there are quite a few caught at Coddenham.

“When you’re coming across from somewhere like Stowmarket and go across the A140 at that speed, that’s so dangerous.

“I’d like to warn those drivers someone could easily have been killed.”

A total of 54 drivers prosecuted in court or hit with fines.

Cases against around 20 drivers remain incomplete.

Emergency vehicles have been excluded from the figures.

Five motorists had their fines cancelled for other reasons, such as their car being stolen, missing dates of birth and senior officers deciding to halt the prosecution.

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