Drama twins home safe and sound

THEY are home safe and sound today.The twins who made headlines when they popped out early, while mum Zoe O'Leary was shopping in Debenhams, have finally left hospital.

By Jessica Nicholls

THEY are home safe and sound today.

The twins who made headlines when they popped out early, while mum Zoe O'Leary was shopping in Debenhams, have finally left hospital.

Tiny pair Byron and Tyrese are now nearly four months old but caused their parents quite a scare when they were born at 29 weeks.

Zoe and her partner James Tuffs appeared in the Evening Star just after the babies were born to say a huge thank you to the staff at the store who helped her when she went into an early labour.

After spending nearly two months in the special care baby unit at Ipswich Hospital the two were allowed home three weeks ago.

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Today proud mum Zoe, dad James Tuffs and big sister Aaliyah are still getting used to the two little extras in their life, but are so pleased to have them home at Hill Rise in Stowmarket.

Zoe, 17 was not due to give birth until this month but started feeling pains while she walked around town in September.

She went into Debenhams and the contractions started and after phoning 999, five trained first aiders, Dori Dedonna, Kate El-Kholi, Sally Ndulagwa, Carol Reed and Lorraine Peach lost no time in dragging towels off the shelves. They helped to deliver Tyrese who came out first, before the paramedics could get there.

Since then the staff have phoned the hospital for regular updates on the twins.

Dad James, 19, said: "The worst part of it was on the actual day.

"We had Aaliyah with us at the time so I could not go into the room with Zoe.

"I did not know what was going on and we did not see either of the babies for hours."

Zoe said: "The doctor came in and said that they were OK but we were just really worried.

"All we knew was that they were there – we did not know what was happening to them."

Zoe and James were told that the first 48 hours for their babies was critical as they were so early.

During their time in hospital Byron had to have two blood transfusions and Tyrese one because of their blood oxygen levels.

Because their lungs were not yet properly formed both babies had breathing difficulties for a while.

But now both are fighting fit and letting their parents know that their lungs are certainly functioning well.

James said: "They never said for the first month if either of them was going to be alright.

"They could not give us an answer at that point because of the problems with their breathing."

Both babies were in special incubators with holes in the side for their parents and the nurses to put their hands through.

Zoe said: "I did not want to touch them because they were so small.

"My friend has just had a baby who is bigger than they are now."

Although the twins are still very small, Byron weighs 7lb 1oz and Tyrese, 6lb 8oz, both were allowed home before their due date.

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