Drink driver had been shot nine times

A DRINK driver who crashed into a motorcyclist while recovering from being shot nine times in a machine gun attack today apologised to his victim.Paul Allan crashed into the biker in Felixstowe after drinking two pints.

A DRINK driver who crashed into a motorcyclist while recovering from being shot nine times in a machine gun attack today apologised to his victim.

Paul Allan crashed into the biker in Felixstowe after drinking two pints. Despite knocking the man from his motorbike Allan drove away, leaving him lying in the road.

During a hearing at South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court on Friday the 37-year-old from Ferry Lane in Felixstowe pleaded guilty to drink driving and another charge of failing to stop after an accident which caused injury.

Magistrates heard how Allan is in counselling for post-traumatic stress disorder after being shot nine times in a Wimbledon pub two years ago.

After the hearing Allan said he was “100 per cent sorry” for his actions.

The court heard that on November 15 last year the motorcyclist was on his way home from work at 6.10pm when he stopped behind a stationary bus and two cars on Grange Farm Avenue.

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Sandra Dyer, prosecuting, said the biker heard a skid before being hit from behind by Allan's white Renault van.

He was knocked to the ground and his bike was flung across the road. When the motorcyclist looked up he saw the van reversing away but he took the registration number.

The biker suffered bruising to his bottom and lower back and aches and pains. He needed six days off work and his motorbike was written off. When police called at Allan's house he immediately admitted what he had done.

Mrs Dyer said: “He said 'I've done it, I hold my hands up to all I've done tonight'.”

A breath test showed Allan was over the legal alcohol limit. He had 145milligrams of alcohol in 100millitres of blood. The legal limit is 80mg.

Mark Francis, mitigating for Allan, told the court that his client admitted drinking two pints before the accident but said he had consumed more alcohol when he got home after the crash because of his panicked state. Allan later said it was this that he felt put him over the limit but he still chose to plead guilty to drink driving.

Mr Francis said: “He was very apologetic about what happened. He says he made sure the driver was on his feet when he left.

“Two years ago he was in a pub minding his own business in Wimbledon and was shot. He was hit nine times. Luckily he survived but he is in pain as a result.”

For the offence of drink driving Allan was disqualified from driving for 16 months and fined £100. For failing to stop after an accident he was fined £100.

PAUL Allan today told how he was still traumatised by the machine gun attack which left him in a coma for three months.

On the day he sent a public apology to the motorcyclist he knocked off his bike while drink driving, Allan said: “I still have nightmares from the shooting.”

Allan, a floor fitter who has had to stop work because of his injuries from the shooting, moved to Felixstowe to be with family after the shooting in Wimbledon two years ago.

After his court hearing, he told The Evening Star of his remorse over the crash and his decision to drive away without checking on the motorcyclist.

He said: “I panicked. I went round the corner but I came back to see him get up and then I drove home.

“When I was with the police he was my main concern.

“As soon as the police turned up I put my hands up. I am remorseful.”

He said the crash had come at a time when he was convalescing from his injuries. He was so badly hurt he had to have a liver transplant and among his other injuries were a badly damaged pancreas and gall bladder, a severely damaged knee and he had nine feet of intestine removed. He is awaiting an operation on his stomach.

Allan said of the shooting: “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was intended for someone else and I took the brunt of it.

“I was hit nine times and four went straight through me. I was in a coma for 12 weeks and in hospital for 16 weeks in total.”

To show his remorse for the motorcyclist he hit he said: “I hope his health gets better. I apologise 100 per cent.”

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