Drink-driving 16-year-old banned

A 16-year-old boy has been banned from driving after he crashed his new car at Felixstowe during a 100mph police chase.

A 16-year-old boy has been banned from driving after he crashed his new car at Felixstowe during a 100mph police chase.

A court heard how the youth, who has an entrenched alcohol problem had drunk half a bottle of whisky before getting in his car with his girlfriend, with the intention of driving to Birmingham.

At a previous court hearing it was revealed that the teenager and his girlfriend escaped unscathed after the car he was driving ploughed off the road in Felixstowe.

At his sentencing at Yarmouth magistrates court yesterday, the teenager who cannot be named for legal reasons, was banned from the road for 16 months was given a supervision order after he admitted drink-driving, careless driving and making off without paying for �28 of petrol on January 10. The youth also admitted driving without a licence, insurance and MoT.

His driving ban comes into force even though he has another nine months before he can legally drive.

Magistrates at Yarmouth heard that at about 5am, police received reports that a car had crashed into a central reservation on the A14 at Trimley. When police arrived, the youth sped off towards Felixstowe in his car, which his mother had given him as a reward for his good behaviour at school and home.

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Sara Borthwick, prosecuting, said during a police pursuit, the youth's car reached speeds of 100 mph on stretches of unlit road.

When the boy approached a roundabout on the Port of Felixstowe Road, the car left the road.

A police test found that the teenager had 117mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood - the legal limit being 80.

Magistrates heard that the youth had an entrenched drinking problem which he was now tackling. He told the court: “I haven't been drinking. It (the accident) has taught me a lesson really.”

Magistrates heard that he hoped to join the army in September on an apprentice course. His solicitor Annette Hall said: “What he has done, he bitterly regrets. If he could turn back the clock, he would do so.”

As well as his 16-month driving ban, the youth was also sentenced to an 18-month supervision order and made the subject of a three-month night-time curfew.

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