Drinker breaks booze ban - inside 24 hours

Alcoholic Roy Hagley is in jail today after breaching Ipswich's first Crasbo for street-drinking the day after he got it.

IPSWICH: Alcoholic Roy Hagley is in jail today after breaching his Crasbo for street-drinking in Ipswich the day after he got it.

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court gave the 47-year-old drinker the Criminal Anti Social Behaviour order after being arrested 13 times this year, mainly on alcohol-related offences.

However, less than 24 hours after receiving the order preventing him from being on the street with an open can of alcohol, he flouted the ban.

This time Hagley was sent back to court, not only for the drinking offence, but for stealing a hand-hand security wand from the magistrates' court on the day it gave him the Crasbo.

Police said he was reported to have been seen waving the scanner around with a friend in Ipswich town centre on Tuesday, October 6.

When they went to where he was at St Matthew's Street, near the roundabout with Civic Drive, officers caught him with an open can of Skol lager.

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Ipswich magistrates finally lost patience with Hagley and sentenced him to 28 days for the breach of the Crasbo. There was no separate penalty for the theft of the scanner, which was recovered.

The order was made after Hagley was arrested for shouting and swearing at police officers when they woke him up in St Francis Tower churchyard where he was asleep on a bench.

They had been taking part in a street-drinking crackdown in the town on September 24. Hagley, of no fixed abode, was with other drinkers and objected to being roused.

After Hagley was jailed for breaching the Crasbo, Ipswich's street drinking liaison officer Pc John Alcock, said: “This year alone Mr Hagley has been arrested 13 times, 10 for public order offences most of which have been committed while we have been enforcing a designated public place order.

“Since May Mr Hagley has had alcohol seized from him 30 times, on 16 occasions in September alone. That's why we applied for a Crasbo. We decided we needed to take a firmer line with him.

“It is very positive that the courts have taken seriously what is going on with the street-drinking initiative. This sends a clear message to the street-drinking community as to how serious we are about this.”