Driver brands A14 lane closure near Orwell Bridge ‘utter joke’

File picture of traffic on the Orwell Bridge.

File picture of traffic on the Orwell Bridge. - Credit: Archant

One lane of the A14 eastbound near the Orwell Bridge is closed because a lorry suffered a tyre blow-out.

It happened around 3.15pm today at Nacton. Recovery for the vehicle arrived at 4pm and workers are attempting the change the tyre.

One driver, who was stuck in traffic for 40 minutes, has branded the closure an “utter joke” as the lorry is not in carriageway.

“The lorry isn’t blocking the A14, it’s on the verge,” said the motorist, who asked to remain anonymous.

“It’s an utter joke. The don’t need to close the road, it’s not affecting traffic.”

The police spokeswoman said the closure was necessary for safety reasons as the lorry had broken down on a sharp left hand bend.