Drone footage captures breathtaking views of Ipswich and the Orwell Bridge

A still from the video, shot on February 19 by Kieran Gratton

A still from the video, shot on February 19 by Kieran Gratton - Credit: Archant

Incredible drone footage has been released – capturing Ipswich’s Orwell Bridge like you’ve never seen it before.

The two-minute video, shot by Hampshire-based aerial photographer Kieran Gratton, features birds-eye views of the town’s iconic bridge.

Kieran, 25, who works for the RAF, said he is a “long suffering” Ipswich Town fan and lived in the town for several years.

He described the structure as “inspirational” and admitted the bridge was high on his list of filming locations.

“I visited Ipswich to see my grandparents last week and that’s when I used my drone. I love aerial photography - it’s a passion of mine. I love photography and my flying responsibilities at the RAF - so it’s great to put them together,” he said.

“Drones are hugely popular now - they are so versatile in the way they film. It’s so interesting to see the variety of shots these tiny cameras can take. The Orwell Bridge is a huge part of Ipswich and my childhood.”

To see more of Kieran’s videos, visit his YouTube channel.

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