Drugs crackdown launched

A MONTH-long campaign aimed at tackling the supply and use of Class A drugs has been launched by police in Suffolk...

A MONTH-long campaign aimed at tackling the supply and use of Class A drugs has been launched by police in Suffolk.

The campaign coincides with the re-launch of the Suffolk Police Crackdown Hotline number, started ten years ago to provide an opportunity for people to pass information on to police.

Throughout June, officers will be looking at targeting individuals who sell hard drugs on streets as well as those who operate crack houses within communities.

Over the coming weeks, officers will be exercising a number of warrants on the back of intelligence received and evidence gathered.

Financial investigators will also be looking to seize or confiscate profits and assets generated by crime.

Detective chief inspector Debbie Griffiths from Suffolk police said: “The use of illegal drugs has a devastating effect upon the vulnerable people who become addicted to them. This in turn has a very destructive impact upon our communities as addicts are often forced to commit a great deal of crime to fund their habits.

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“They will sometimes use premises from which to buy, sell or use their drugs, with the resultant anti-social behaviour associated with so called 'crack houses'.

“Suffolk Police will not tolerate this and, with the help of information from the community, will relentlessly target these heartless criminals who cause misery for those around them.

“We want members of the public to know that there are steps they can take to rid their communities of the dealers. By calling the Drugs Hotline they can provide information about dealers which can make a real difference in the fight against drugs.”

In 2002, the Proceeds of Crime Act came into effect allowing officers to pursue known criminals through the courts and take any ill-gotten gains.

DCI Griffiths said: “We are committed to using the full extent of our powers under this legislation to track down and recover these ill-gotten gains and with nearly £600,000 worth of assets and cash recovered last year in Suffolk, criminals need to get the message that crime does not pay anymore.”

If you have any information in relation in relation to drug activity in your area, call the drugs hotline on 0800 253253 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.