Drunk reveller must pay nearly £500 after night out in Ipswich

The boy was taken to the police investigation centre in Martlesham.

The boy was taken to the police investigation centre in Martlesham. - Credit: Archant

A 23-year-old who got arrested on a drunken night out in Ipswich must pay nearly £500 in fines, court costs and compensation.

Jak Francis, of Wetherden Road, Elmswell, pleaded guilty at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court to being drunk and disorderly, and criminal damage to a police cell.

Both offences occurred on January 27.

Prosecutor Tess Mann said the first incident began at around 2.10am in Falcon Street, Ipswich, outside Bowman’s bar.

Francis had an issue with some people inside the nightspot. Police told him to leave the area, but Francis continued to swear and shout, jostling officers as he attempted to get back inside the pub.

Francis was arrested but continued to be aggressive while on the way to the police investigation centre.

He was headbutting the cage of the police van, kicking out and spitting at its walls.

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By the time the vehicle arrived Francis had lots of red marks and bumps on his head, and his mouth was bleeding.

Francis was taken to a cell and given white safety clothing to wear.

Mrs Mann said CCTV showed him taking off the safety clothing and putting it around his neck.

He then spat and smeared blood on the window and walls of the cell.

Dino Barricella, who represented Francis, said his client was regretful and remorseful and “to quote him, he was foolish on the night”.

The court was told Francis had been the subject of an assault inside Bowman’s and had tried to remonstrate with police outside the bar when he felt he was being treated like a suspect.

Magistrates fined Francis a total of £175 and ordered him to pay £200 compensation for the cleaning of the cell. He must also pay £85 costs and £20 to the victims’ fund.