Earlier Days of the Ipswich Wet Dock

CROSSING New Cut Ipswich by ferry was a popular service until at least the 1950s.

The service was recalled in a recent Kindred Spirits when I recalled the public access around the island site at Ipswich Dock.

Terry Davey contacted me by email with his memories of the ferry man.

Terry said “I have many memories of New Cut and in particular the rowing boat ferry across from near

the lock gates end of the dock and Steam Boat Tavern on New Cut West.

“Magnificent stone stairs were provided on both banks for the passengers. The ferryman was I believe, known as ‘Wiggy’.

“I am told he lived at the Steam Boat Tavern. My mum took me ‘Over Stoke’ as she called it on the ferry to see my granny every week and I believe the fare was three old pennies return.

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“One of my earliest memories was of the vortices at the tip of the ferryman’s oars and that led to a life long interest in rowing....”

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