Fans warned not to use reselling sites to secure Ed Sheeran tickets

Ed Sheeran tickets are being resold online Picturet: GREG WILLIAMS

Ed Sheeran tickets are being resold online Picturet: GREG WILLIAMS - Credit: Greg Williams

Ticket reselling sites are already valuing tickets to Ed Sheeran’s sold out final date in Ipswich for over twice their value despite them being invalid if bought this way.

Fans were warned when tickets were announced last week that only a number of sites would be allowed to sell entry to his Chantry Park dates in Ipswich next August.

Sheeran’s stance on ticket reselling has become very strict in the past few years to prevent fans from spending extortionate amounts of money on tickets.

The two Ipswich shows are paperless meaning fans will have to bring the card they purchased the ticket on to enter.

Upon arrival at the show, you will also have to show your original email booking confirmation, and a Government-issued photo ID such as driving license or passport that matches the name on the payment card.

Ticket reselling site Viagogo does not currently have any tickets up for sale for Ed’s Ipswich dates but is valuing them at between £400- 417.

Sheeran’s website states that tickets bought through the site will result in them being cancelled.

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Those who need to resell tickets can only do so after November 1 and are only able to resell them to where they were bought from.

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