Rushmere St Andrew twins both get six Grade 9s at GCSEs

Tom Woodbridge and his sister, Holly, both got six Grade 9s, at Copleston High School

Tom Woodbridge and his sister, Holly, both got six Grade 9s, at Copleston High School - Credit: Copleston High School

Rushmere St Andrew twins Tom and Holly Woodbridge both got six Grade 9s at GCSE. 

According to Tom, he got better results than his sister Holly, who also attends Copleston High School.

Aspiring doctor Tom got six Grade 9s, four Grade 8s and one Grade 6, while his younger sister, Holly, got six Grade 9s, one Grade 8 and three Grade 7s.

Holly, who wants to go into data science said: “We’re very competitive, and always want to beat each other at everything, but we might have to call this a draw. 

“But we always support each other as well, which is the important part.” 

Tom said: “I heard Holly screaming, and she was shouting about her results, and I knew then that I would be okay. 

“I don’t think the competition stops here though, it definitely spurs us on to do better.”