Covid Monopoly: Go directly to self-isolate, don't pass go, don't collect £200

Kids playing Covid-19 monopoly

Pupils playing Covid-19 Monopoly at Sproughton C of E School near Ipswich - Credit: Sproughton Church of England Primary School

A young pupil has come up with a Covid-19 themed Monopoly board.

Isla Barker from Sproughton C of E Primary School, near Ipswich, created Covopoly as part of a home-schooling project during lockdown.

A hallmark of Monopoly is its property squares, which in Covopoly have been transformed into Pandemic Park, Zoom Lane, Boredom Boulevard and Sanitiser Street.

And instead of being told to go directly to jail, not to pass go or collect your £200 - you have to self-isolate.

The Covopoly game is a version of monopoly

The Covopoly game is a version of monopoly - Credit: Sproughton C of E Primary School

The 11-year-old said: "I wanted to do something fun, and create a board game that I could play with my friends when we got back to school.

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“It was hard doing schoolwork at home, and I just wanted things to get back to normal”.

Sproughton C of E Primary School teacher Lisa Sampson said: "This game is an imaginative and fun way to remind us that we must continue to be vigilant, protect the NHS, and save lives."

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Isla hopes that Monopoly owner's Hasbro might take the idea and use it to raise money for the NHS. 

Hasbro has been asked for a response. 

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