Ipswich deaf children to battle Ninja Warrior-style course

the Playground near Bury St Edmunds and Richard Platt, the chairman of Ipswich Deaf Society.

Ninja Warrior-style assault course The Playground near Bury St Edmunds and Richard Platt, the chairman of Ipswich Deaf Children’s Society. - Credit: The Playground/Sarah Lucy Brown

Obstacles and challenges galore are ahead for a group of deaf children from Ipswich as they prepare to take on a Ninja Warrior-style playground.

By doing the Playground near Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich Deaf Children’s Society hopes to raise the funds needed to fund their charity, which helps children with hearing loss and their parents. 

The group will be given visual clues to help them navigate the course.

Richard Platt the chairman of Ipswich Deaf Children’s Society, said: "I’m really delighted that we have been able to host a fundraiser event where both children and adults can participate in together.

"Having it at The Playground where there will be tough obstacles and challenges means we need to work together as a team to overcome the hurdles and this excites me as teamwork is so important.

"Myself and the children being deaf means we can’t hear what the instructors or other adults are saying so they have to think on how they’re going to communicate to us to help us get over each obstacle. There are a lot of obstacles so it’s going to be a challenge in which we can’t wait."

To help the society raise money please donate here or watch them on  Sunday, October 17 from 11.30am at The Playground, Haysborder Road.