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The deadline for secondary school applications in Suffolk for the 2021/22 academic year is Saturday,

Teachers in Suffolk have been praised for their help during lockdown - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

We asked you to tell us how your schools have gone the extra mile this lockdown - and more than 300 of you left comments for your child's school.

From great communication to less stressed kids, we have brought together just some of your thanks for teachers and school staff from across the county. 

Murrayfield Primary Academy, Ipswich 

Jo Pike said: “Big shout out to the staff working with the children still in school.

"It's such a weight lifted to know they are being supported to keep up to date with their online classes which gives our family the time we need as educators in other settings to support even more children.” 

The Willows Primary School, Ipswich 

Hayley Haddow said: “All the staff at The Willows smashed it by day two.

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"My kids are happy and less stressed then the first time and happy to engage in the live lessons.” 

Bealings School, Little Bealings  

Sophia Pack said: "Bealings School has been fantastic - great communication with the children at home on Zoom meetings.

"They have set a fantastic mantle this term which my daughter is so excited about. We have received great support from the school." 

Wetheringsett Church of England Primary School, Wetheringsett 

Mikaela Noble said: “Wetheringsett CofE have been amazing as always, they had everything ready and in place for the government announcement Monday evening.  

“Children have been using the online classroom at school during the occasional lesson since the first lockdown so the children didn't have any problems with the transition.” 

Castle Hill Infant and Junior School won a national award for its wellbeing of pupils. Picture: RACH

Castle Hill Infant and Junior Schools in Ipswich - Credit: Archant

Castle Hill Infant and Junior School, Ipswich 

Laura Elliss said: “I can't fault them. I've got two children in different year groups, and every day there are new videos and live classes for them both.  

“Both of my children have enjoyed their online lessons but are obviously missing their teachers and friends!  

“As parents, we've had plenty of communication from the school too.

"A massive well done to all the teaching staff and a huge thank you for pulling out all the stops to make sure the children are still receiving a brilliant education.

"You're all superstars!” 

Martlesham Primary Academy, Martlesham 

Kayleigh Platts said: “Martlesham Primary Academy have honestly gone above and beyond! 

“They even had a whole school assembly via Zoom so the kiddies at home could be a part of the weekly presentation assembly for showing the school's learning behaviours.

"Not only were key worker children recognised but also the children that are at home and having remote lessons (like my two).

"They also make sure that all parents know that they are always there if we have any questions or worries. They deserve recognition.” 

Halifax Primary School, Ipswich 

Emily Hammond said: “Halifax Primary School have been so supportive of the pupils and families.  

“The staff have worked tirelessly to keep everyone safe. The teachers have provided fun and engaging learning activities, provided a variety of materials and the staff even recorded a song to entertain the children, keep their spirts up and maintain a sense that although they can't physically be in school they are all still very much a part of the school community.

"Well done, Halifax!” 

Clifford Road Primary School, Ipswich 

Kerry Ward said: “My eldest’s teacher has been there to reply to her messages straight away, sending out work and lots of love and positive messages each day.  

“My youngest has additional needs and extra support is being provided so we can continue to keep him home where we want him to be, had constant phone calls and emails.” 

Kesgrave High School, Kesgrave 

Kerry Caley said: “Kesgrave High School have been brilliant. A very inspiring, encouraging and supportive group of teachers delivering online lessons.” 

Changes are being made to the timetable at Westbourne Academy Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Westbourne Academy in Ipswich - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

Westbourne Academy, Ipswich 

Adele Napper said: “Westbourne Academy have been excellent with how quickly they have put together the online teaching.  

“So organised, fun. Most of all reassuring the children who struggle with change etc, helping them cope.  

“It also reassures us parents that have to be at work most days and can't be there, that our children will be ok and get any help they need to log on and attend the classes.

"I'm confident that my son’s learning will be fine in the months to come.  

“Thank you Westbourne teachers. We love and appreciate you and all you are doing to help our children continue to learn.” 

Grange Primary School, Felixstowe 

Chelsea Rush said: “Last lockdown, they were amazing.

"Mr Abbott, the headteacher checked on us every day, sending out emails to us, the teachers did just brilliant.

"I actually didn't think they could get any better, but they did. 

“This lockdown, they have been so organised in such a small amount of time, we have had a great amount of work for them, timetable to help us be organised but as well not pressuring us.” 

Sidegate Lane Primary School, Ipswich 

Charli Roper-Harwood said: “The teachers are superstars and have been interacting regularly.

"There are daily activities set and weekly Google Meets.

"We are extremely grateful for all the staff doing such an incredible job, thank you.”  

Copdock Primary School, Copdock 

Toni Bennett said: “Copdock Primary School have been so quick to react and were ready to go with learning!

"A morning and afternoon assembly to keep everyone connected and a daily blog to share the children’s work and to give encouragement.

"Brilliant - well done.” 

Rosehill Primary School, Ipswich 

Jayne Hilpert said: “Rosehill Primary have been fantastic.

"They’ve not only phoned all parents to see how things are going but also have videos posted daily, as well as fantastic learning resources.  

“Their family liaison officer is amazing but special credit must go to Miss Bright, who is a fantastic head who cares passionately about all pupils.” 

Ormiston Endeavour Academy, Ipswich 

Joanne Kennell said: “Ormiston Endeavour Academy Ipswich been great with my son Rhys, keeping in constant contact with him as he finds the online live lessons daunting.

"They have helped so much to calm his anxiety which is brilliant.” 

Woodbridge Primary School, Woodbridge 

Helena Fry Allison said: “Woodbridge Primary School has been amazing, not just in this lockdown either.  

“They have provided safe care, giving me full confidence to go off and carry out my day's work (NHS).

"They are constantly reviewing their risk assessments and adapting as needed. The kids have been fantastic too showing so much resilience in these unknown times.” 

Cedarwood Primary, Ipswich 

Victoria Green said: “They have got a really well-structured plan for the children, with adult input via Zoom and then independent learning. 

“The teacher delivers the lesson first and then stays on Zoom, so the children just have to unmute themselves and call her.

"I think the structure they have cleverly planned to accommodate key worker children in school and the remote learners has continuity, so the children are all adapting fantastically. 

“Also, following the normal school day structure helps them remain disciplined like they would be at school.” 

A student at Stoke High School in Ipswich has tested positive for coronavirus Picture: RACHEL EDGE

Stoke High School - Ormiston Academy in Ipswich - Credit: RACHEL EDGE

Stoke High School - Ormiston Academy, Ipswich 

Amy Hignett said: “Full timetable of online teacher-led lessons in place for first thing Tuesday morning. 

"I have two teenage boys who have been so motivated to learn this week and it’s also fabulous that the pressure has been taken off me while I try to work too. 

“I’ll admit, I was slightly dreading starting all this again but I shouldn’t have worried, they’ve not needed me all week!

"Lots of praise being sent home too and phone calls to check in on their welfare, can’t thank them enough."

Kyson Primary School, Woodbridge 

Joyce Fulcher said: “Kyson Primary School have been fantastic, always keeping me updated with everything.

"My daughter feels a lot more comfortable doing the home schooling, with lots of support from the headteacher and her form teacher.

"I would not send her anywhere else amazing school.” 

Bawdsey Primary, Bawdsey 

Ben Stuart said: “Bawdsey Primary have simply been amazing.  

“For a very small school, all the staff and management go above and beyond to ensure the children are looked after and the curriculum is delivered.

"The children are not just pupils, they are treated like family.

"As a parent, I couldn’t ask more of the staff. They are simply amazing.” 

The Beeches, Ipswich 

Sophie King said: “My son's teachers have arranged video calls every day this week which the class.

"I really do think that’s lovely and great for children's mental health, especially with them not being able to get out and socialise.

"This has given him the chance to speak to his peers and teachers and I believe this is so important for children.” 

Hillside Special School, Sudbury 

Sandra-Paul Moore said: “Hillside Special School have been fabulous sending work home, links to teaching and activity websites.

"We had class Christmas production filmed with footage of work the children have been doing sent to their online learning platform for parents to view.

“Even had phone calls weekly to check children are okay and to provide support and a sounding board to us the parents. Very pleased as always with this brilliant school.” 

Stone Lodge Academy, Ipswich 

Michaela Garwood said: “Stone Lodge Academy have been amazing! 

"They are offering live lessons to all of the children, hand-delivering work packs and making weekly phone calls home.  

“They really are working very hard to support all students and families. Well done!” 

A case of coronavirus has been confirmed at Ranelagh Primary School in Ipswich. Picture: GREGG BROWN

Ranelagh Primary School in Ipswich - Credit: Gregg Brown

Ranelagh Primary School, Ipswich 

One parent said: “Ranelagh Primary School have been awesome.

"A programme designed to be as internet light as possible for those who don’t have access or have to share devices, ongoing contact with teachers giving live feedback on work provided and phone calls checking in. Thank you to all the staff involved.” 

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