Black Lives Matter inspires schools' new 'silence is compliance' campaign

Angela Ransby has been appointed as chief executive of the Raedwald Trust Picture: PAGEPIX LTD

Angela Ransby, chief executive of the Raedwald Trust - Credit: Archant

Schools in Suffolk have joined forces for a new campaign inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement to promote diversity - with the theme "silence is compliance".

The scheme - run by the Raedwald Trust, which runs special schools such as Ipswich's Parkside Academy - will see schools voluntarily carry out audits of their inclusion policies, procedures and culture.

The six schools to join the project so far will be involved in training and awareness programmes delivered through online webinars, as well as projects such as Black Lives Matter-inspired podcasts, drama and art projects.

There are also plans for a music video, with inspirational quotes from black historical figures.

Angela Ransby, chief executive of the Raedwald Trust, said: “Before we start talking to our students about diversity and inclusion and Black Lives Matter, we must first get our own houses in order.

“We look first inwards to see if we can be doing better before we look to support others.

“We then move forward with an array of exciting projects aimed at making schools in this county more inclusive and welcoming places for all our staff and students.

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“We are incredibly pleased that so many schools have already signed up and we are now encouraging others to join us."

Andrew Green, principal at Copleston High School, said: “Much of what has been proposed by the Raedwald Trust is work we were already undertaking at Copleston.

“I am in total agreement that we all have something to learn by turning the focus inwards.

"Making your school a diverse and inclusive place to work and study is an ongoing process. It never stops.

“The partnership between our schools gives us the opportunity to make large scale and tangible change across our entire county.

“There are some genuinely exciting projects planned which we as a school are very excited about participating in.”

Nicky Ling, of Ranelagh Primary School, said: "We are really pleased to be part of the project - it has been a great opportunity to collaborate with other schools as well as raising awareness of inclusion.

"We launched the project as part of 'show racism the red card' day in October, with the whole school taking part in a competition to design their own t-shirt to promote the day.

“The children have worked with our art specialist to make the winning designs and the finished products were amazing. 

"The children have approached the project with such enthusiasm and we look forward to building on a great start."

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