Elvis Porksley returns to St Elizabeth Hospice to go back under hammer on eBay

Neptune Marina have donated Elvis Porksley back to the St Elizabeth Hospice.

Neptune Marina have donated Elvis Porksley back to the St Elizabeth Hospice. - Credit: Gregg Brown

Popular Pigs Gone Wild sculpture Elvis Porksley is back in the building after being returned to St Elizabeth Hospice this week.

Porksley was auctioned off in September to raise funds for St Elizabeth Hospice after his 10-week appearance outside the Curve bar.

Winning bidders Neptune Marina, who also bought Piggy The Sailor, raised £6,800 for the charity at last month’s auction.

But now bosses have decided to support the hospice further – by donating him back to the charity to be auctioned off again.

The company’s managing director Alan Swann said: “We were very excited to bring Porksley and Piggy the Sailor to their new home of the marina reception and they have both been welcomed by our staff and customers.

“Since they took their trip down the river earlier this month, we have decided that we don’t need two pigs, and we thought gifting Elvis back to the hospice would be a great way to raise more money for the local charity and give those people who missed out on owning a pig the first time another opportunity to buy one.”

The donation will raise further cash to support people in the community.

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Hospice fundraiser Jack Nicholl said: “We thought Elvis Porksley had left the building but we are delighted to have him back at the hospice for now and we are very grateful to Neptune Marina for their generosity and support.”

Porksley has now trotted back to the hospice in his blue suede shoes and is greeting visitors in reception until a new lucky winner snaps him up when he is auctioned off again.

Visit stores.ebay.co.uk/st-elizabeth-hospice to bid on Elvis.