Large emergency service presence remains at scene of 'terrible' blaze

Scene of fire at Nacton Road March 2021

The fire on Nacton Road has gutted the roof of a home. - Credit: Archant

A large emergency service presence remains at the scene of a fire in Nacton Road that left two people requiring medical treatment last night.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service crews were called to the scene just after 5pm, with the blaze seemingly under control at around 7.30pm.

The fire affected both sides of adjoining properties close to the junction with Queens Way. One side of the building is made up of a business and flat, with two flats making up the other side.

The blaze gutted the roof of the building.

A fire service spokesman confirmed an investigation into the cause of the fire was taking place on Sunday.

Police cars, forensic vehicles and the fire service remained at the scene on Sunday morning. 

Officers could be seen looking around the properties and speaking to neighbours.

Emergency vehicles remaining at the scene of a fire at Nacton Road, Ipswich.

There remains a large emergency vehicle presence at the scene of the blaze in Nacton Road. - Credit: Archant

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One fire engine was at the scene on Sunday morning, but left at around 10:30am.

Peter Manning, who lives just a few doors down from the blaze, described Saturday night's events as "chaotic."

He added the fire "looked terrible"  and was "still smouldering" when he arrived back at his home at around 6pm.

Scene of the fire at Nacton Road Ipswich.

Fire crews were called to the scene at around 5pm. - Credit: Archant

Close up to the scene of a fire in Nacton Road, Ipswich.

The fire affected both sides of adjoining properties, made up of a flat and business on the left-hand side. and two flats to the right. - Credit: Archant

Julian Nicholson, another Nacton Road resident, saw smoke billowing from the property from outside his home and witnessed the fire service fighting the blaze. 

"I saw a big cherry picker when I went to Tesco," he added.

A man who gave his name as Holroyd, who also lives on Nacton Road, said he saw fire services from early evening "until at least 8pm".   

Gainsborough ward councillor Sheila Handley said it was "an absolute blessing" that no one was seriously injured. 

She is confident that local people will help to look after those affected by the blaze.

“It’s a close-knit community. People will know each other and I’m sure everybody will be doing whatever they can to help," she said.

Emergency vehicles at the scene of a fire at Nacton Road, Ipswich.

Police cars and forensic vehicles remain at the scene of the fire on Nacton Road. - Credit: Archant

“Whenever there’s an emergency like this it can bring out the best in people, they will step in and do whatever they can."

Ms Handley was also full of praise for the emergency services.

She said: “They were there very quickly and in great numbers. I think the police did a very good job of sorting the traffic and making it as easy as possible for people. 

“Full marks to the emergency services from every point of view."