England v Denmark - who will they choose

ANOTHER day of tension and biting of nails is on the way as England face Denmark in the second round of the World Cup.



ANOTHER day of tension and biting of nails is on the way as England face Denmark in the second round of the World Cup.

And as much of the nation rallies behind the England team and prays that Beckham's golden boots are up to scratch, for some there are divided loyalties.

Ole Hviid Jensen is from Denmark but has lived in England for the past 38 years and will be one of the people who deep down will be praying that the Danes don't get their bacon.

On Saturday he will be gearing up for the big match at his home in Dennington, near Framlingham but for him the only tension will be choosing which team to support.

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However, he did reveal that deep down his heart really lies with his home country.

In fact in the 1950's Mr Hviid Jensen represented his country in the Olympics in Target Shooting and even led his team out.

Mr Hviid Jensen, 61, who retired to Suffolk three years ago with is wife Lisbeth, said: "All our friends here are English so there are some divided loyalties.

"We would like to see England win but as they are playing Denmark we think that they (Denmark) should win."

That kind of team spirit seems to be rubbing off on to his sons who now live in Surrey.

He said: "My eldest son was two years old when we came to this country in 1964.

"He has lived here all his life and works in the City and has an English wife.

"But when I asked him who he would like to win he said 'Dad I was born in Denmark, I am supporting them!'

"I can just imagine him watching the football with his wife!"

Another Dane is Inga Lockington, councillor for the St. Margarets Ward in Ipswich.

She has got round any question of where her loyalties lie by saying: "I support the team wearing red and white.

"It has always been good fun for our family as my two sons have two teams to support – we have a double chance.

"Of course I hope that whatever team wins on Saturday is the one who will win in the end."

Mrs Lockington has lived in England for 22 years but she said that Denmark has always had a huge coverage of English football.

But, like Mr Hviid Jensen, she knows where her heart really lies.

She said: "Even if you have lived here many years you have to support Denmark a little bit."

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