Essex firefighters in seal rescue

A SEAL has been rescued by firefighters from a Clacton beach.

A SEAL has been rescued by firefighters from a Clacton beach.

The mammal got entangled in fishing wire by Marine Parade East at about 7.30am this morning.

After freeing the animal firefighters cared for it while awaiting the arrival of the RSPCA.

The seal had a severe cut to its neck and the RSPCA took it away to an animal sanctuary in Norfolk for treatment.

Watch manager Jim Bowyer, officer in charge, said: "It wasn't what we expected to find as the last job of the shift but as soon as we got to the sea-front we could see that the seal was in quiet a lot of distress.

"It had got tangled up in some football netting and it was on the rock and appeared to be in real trouble.

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“The netting was tight around the poor thing's neck and looked like it was strangling the seal. We covered its head in a salvage sheet and one of the crew held it down while the rest of us worked at cutting the netting.

"Once we had got the netting off we discovered that it had caused a severe cut to the animals neck so we called for the RSPCA and kept the seal wrapped up and cooled it with buckets of water and waited with it for an hour while they came.

"It has now been taken to a seal sanctuary in Norfolk to recover from its ordeal."