Essex mum is UK's yummiest

A COLCHESTER mum voted the “yummiest” in the whole country has said she cannot believe her new-found fame.

James Hore

By James Hore

A COLCHESTER mum voted the “yummiest” in the whole country has said she cannot believe her new-found fame.

Alexa Keatley, mother to five-year-old Oliver, has been named “Yummy Mummy UK 2010” after she took the crown in a nationwide competition.

The 27-year-old single mum admitted that her confidence had been at a low and she only entered the competition in Milton Keynes after friends kept trying to convince her she has what it takes.

But winning the title has given her a boost and she is now planning to enter the Miss Commonwealth pageant later this year.

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Alexa works part-time at her brother James's pub, the Fat Cat, in Colchester and said the regulars had been delighted for her.

However her big day nearly went badly wrong after she got halfway to the competition before realising she had left her dress at her mum's house in Brentwood.

She said: “We were heading around the M25 when I realised - I had been at my mum's showing the dress off - so I rushed back and collected it and it all worked out ok.

“It was so unexpected to win - friends of mine, for a couple of years, have tried to convince me to do some modelling and I had always written it off.

“But in the end, I though 'why not?' and gave it a go - it was a really nice occasion and all the mums were really lovely and we all helped each other get ready and I even dragged them to the bar.

“When there was only one more name to be announced I looked around and thought it was another lady who was about to win, so when they my name I was gobsmacked - I was just in shock.”

Alexa said Oliver was really pleased for his mum and had proudly been telling his friends at Hamilton Primary School in Colchester.

“It has not sunk in yet, but Oliver is loving it. He is really excited and all the locals at the Fat Cat are really pleased - there are lots of lovely people in there who have been supporting myself and my brother since we have been in Colchester.

“I have struggled with confidence, throughout my life really, then I split from Oliver's dad and being a young single mum - it was a a mix of things really.

“Everyday sort of stuff is not very glamorous so this was a great start to the New Year.”

Alexa also thanked her brother for all his support in recent years.

Pam Boon, who organised Yummy Mummy UK 2010, said Alexa had been the clear winner.

“Alexa was very classy - she was not heavily made-up, it was not all about the dress whereas some of the girls were all about the big hair and the big dress and makeup.

“She looked approachable, not over the top and that was the most appealing thing.

“She was the best choice and stood out by miles I would say, though they were all lovely, but at the end of the day she stood out as someone who looked like a nice yummy mummy should look.”