Ex-wife calls for tougher sentence

KILLER Robert McCarry should have his sentenced increased even further, his ex-wife said today.

KILLER Robert McCarry should have his sentenced increased even further, his ex-wife said today.

On Wednesday the court of appeal added five years to the minimum prison terms of McCarry and Paul Waters.

The pair murdered Nicola West, of Leatherbottle Hill, Little Blakenham, and were jailed for life at Ipswich Crown Court in April.

McCarry, now 37, was told at the initial sentencing he would spend a minimum of 19 years in jail, but the appeal court upped that to 24 years.

Meanwhile Waters, 29, saw his term increase from 13 years to 18.

But McCarry's ex-wife, Lucy McCarry, 26, said the increased punishment was not enough and that she would like to see him spend even longer behind bars.

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She said: I'm glad it has gone up.

“He took a girl's life and 19 years was not enough.

“I think he should have got even longer and I feel for her parents.

“I'd give him about 30 years; he's an evil person.

“I probably would be worried when he comes out but it is a long way off.

“I haven't heard from him. He's sent messages through his mum asking me to get in contact but I don't want to.

“I want to forget about it but it is hard to forget. It is hard to get over because he is my first love.”

McCarry, of Vernon Street, Ipswich, and Waters, of Sandpiper Road, Ipswich, were convicted of murdering Miss West on February 8 last year near the dry ski slope at Wherstead.

McCarry was convicted of raping her and Waters was convicted of attempting to rape her.

Both men were found guilty of perverting the course of justice after they put Miss West's body in the boot of Waters' car and drove around the country for two days before telling police.

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