Experts hunt for more bombs

A BOMB clearance team has descended on Kesgrave High School to look for more unexploded ordnance.

A BOMB clearance team has descended on Kesgrave High School to look for more unexploded ordnance.

Experts from Macc International Ltd were called by Suffolk County Council to examine the field after the army warned there could be more un-detonated devices nearby.

The check comes nearly a week after the dramatic discovery of two 1,000lb bombs in the field, which was recently acquired by the high school to increase the size of its playing fields.

The bombs were found during an archaeological dig on March 31 and were later removed and taken to Orford Ness where they were detonated. Around 100 homes in the area were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

The team from Macc International, which is based at Nacton, will examine the field until tomorrow .

They are using a magnetometer to search for anomalies in the earth, a similar system to that used for geophysical surveys undertaken on Channel Four's Time Team show.

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The bombs discovered last week were three metres into the ground, but the magnetometer can scan to a depth of five metres.

John Bennett, from Macc International, said: “The army said there could be more down there, so we are non-intrusively searching - looking without breaking the ground.

“Once we have been over the area, we will bring the data back and check if there's anything which needs investigating.”

If any more ordnance is found, a decision will be made on whether to excavate it.

However, Mike Topliss, Suffolk Coastal District Council's emergency planning officer, told The Evening Star earlier this week that if more bombs are discovered, it is likely they will not be disturbed.

He said: “If they find any they'll probably leave them in the ground. They really have to be disturbed quite badly to go off.”

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