Faith could be a Baywatch babe!

FELIXSTOWE: Evening Star guide dog pup Faith is not wet behind the ears when it comes to water – she just loves the stuff.

In fact, if it doesn’t work out for her as a guide dog, she could easily become a Baywatch babe and spend her life jumping into the sea and bravely rescuing people from the waves.

“We just can’t keep her out of water – she absolutely loves it,” said puppy walker Penny Parker, who is looking after Faith during her first year of initial training.

“She has already disgraced herself a couple of times.

“At one event we were at, she jumped straight into a paddling pool and splashed like mad and soaked everyone around it – fortunately, everyone thought it was hilarious and didn’t mind at all.

“When we were at the Salute for Heroes event, she came across some fire buckets and plonked her front feet in two and her back feet in two and just stood there, splashing.

“It’s really strange because some dogs cannot stand water, but Faith is in it every chance she gets.

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“Guide dogs know that she must not be placed with anyone who has a garden pond!”

One of her favourite activities is going for a swim in the sea at The Dip at Old Felixstowe.

“There was a man swimming in the sea – she saw him out there and she was off. He didn’t need rescuing!” said Mrs Parker.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh, no, please don’t go under’, but luckily she came back quickly.

“When I walk her there, she is in and out of the sea. I think she could make a good sea rescue dog.”

Faith – whose breeding and initial training was paid for by generous donations and fundraising by Evening Star readers – is making good progress and in the next few months, experts from the Guide Dogs charity will decide if she is to become a guide dog for a blind or visually-impaired person or become a brood bitch to breed other guide dogs.

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