Family reach out to death crash driver

IN A touching and heartfelt gesture the daughter of pensioner Lucy Davies put her arms around the man who caused the accident which killed her mum and said she did not blame him for her death.

IN A touching and heartfelt gesture the daughter of pensioner Lucy Davies put her arms around the man who caused the accident which killed her mum and said she did not blame him for her death.

Lucy Davies, died in December, almost a week after a two car smash which left her fighting for life in intensive care.

Emotions were running high at the inquest into the 76-year-old's death, on Thursday, when two of her children Jane and Perry, told sobbing driver David Kocurek that accidents happen and he must not blame himself for her death.

Today her other son, Evening Star cartoonist Jock Davies, reiterated what the family felt.

He said: "As far as the family is concerned it could have happened to any one of us."

Mr Davies said the family was still coming to terms with his mum's sudden death.

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He said: "We still all miss her. You think 'Oh I'll just give mum a ring and then realise that she is not there.'

"We all got together on Mothers Day and drank and ate in her memory."

On Friday, Mr Kocurek, 47, pleaded guilty to a charge of careless driving and was fined £300 and received four points on his licence.

But it also emerged at the inquest that police accident investigators believed Mrs Davies had not been wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash.

And Pc Colin Teager from Suffolk police said that if she had been wearing a seatbelt she may well have survived the crash.

Greater Suffolk Coroner Dr Peter Dean recorded a verdict of accidental death after hearing evidence from several witnesses and reports from consultants and pathologists at Ipswich Hospital.

It was heard how Mrs Davies and her friend Jeffrey Wolfe-Emery had left her home in Birkfield Drive on the afternoon of December 6 to get some dog food from the Copdock Tesco store.

Mr Wolfe-Emery told how he was driving along Belmont Road in his blue Vauxhall Cavalier when he was involved with the crash with Mr Kocurek's car as it turned right in Bowland Drive.

The car ploughed into the side of Mr Wolfe-Emery's car and the impact caused Mrs Davies to hit her head on the windscreen.

Although Mr Wolfe-Emery had said he believed she was wearing her seatbelt, police investigations could reveal no evidence of any wear on the belt that would have arisen as a cause of an impact such as this.

Mrs Davies had suffered severe lacerations to the face and six broken ribs and because of her injuries, blood and air were filling her chest cavity.

The pensioner was stabilised once she was in hospital and over the days began to improve, but her condition started to deteriorate again and she died on December 12.

Witness Barry Baker was driving behind Mr Wolfe-Emery's car with his wife Rachel when the accident happened.

Mr Baker described how his wife had shouted to him to look out as the two cars collided in front of him.

He said how he went to the car to help out Mr Wolfe-Emery before going round to the passenger side where Mrs Davies was slumped.

"I tried to assure her that everything was OK and tried to use the toilet roll that one of the residents had brought over to stem the bleeding," Mr Baker said.

"I asked myself how she could have got such injuries and when I looked at the windscreen I saw the silhouette of the lady's head in it.

"When I turned I saw the glint of the seatbelt buckle and it was in the hanging position rather than the lock position."

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