Family's heartfelt tributes to Sian

SUNSHINE on a cloudy day - that is how Sian Ryan's devastated family will today remember the bubbly and beloved teenager.

SUNSHINE on a cloudy day - that is how Sian Ryan's devastated family will today remember the bubbly and beloved teenager.

The heartbroken family of Sian, of Alan Road, Ipswich has today spoken of their “special gift”, the youngest of seven and the centre of their worlds.

The 16-year-old died at the scene of a crash on the A14 on Monday evening when the Citroen Saxo she was travelling in collided with an Audi A3 Tdi and then hit a signpost near the Orwell crossing lorry park.

Her untimely death has left her family, friends and teachers devastated.

Remembering their “shining star,” her mum Chrissie Ryan, her dad Mike Ryan and her two brothers and four sisters said her loss would leave a huge void in their lives.

Mrs Ryan said: “I have always said she is my very special gift, she was a very special surprise.

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“When Sian was born we called her our very special gift and so it was proven.

“She lit this whole family like a beacon. Her humour kept and is still keeping us laughing. Kids are only on loan but we didn't expect Sian's to be a short term loan.

“Though her life was short it was a very full, active and happy one. The gap in all our lives is enormous.”

She said the reality has yet to hit and added: “I felt for the poor family of Abbie Pennell and I never believed it would happen to us.

“It still doesn't feel real, it is like a nasty dream, I keep thinking I am going to wake up and she is going to burst through the door with a big smile on her face.”

Mr Ryan added: “The best way to describe Sian was like a bottle of top quality champagne, clear, bright, bubbly and totally effervescent.”

Her sister Keely Walker, 32, said it feels like a piece of their jigsaw is missing. “It is the centre piece, she was the centre of all our attentions, the light of our lives.

“She was always the 'special one' and she will remain that way in all our memories. She was so, so funny, a personality second to none and beautiful inside and out.”

Sister Zoe Walker, 34, another of Sian's four elder sisters remembered her as a “nutter.”

She said: “She was the favourite, the baby and all of us spoilt her. She was completely and utterly bonkers.

“Sian was something extra, she had an extra something unique that nobody else has, she was the centre piece of everything.”

Another sister, Annalise Ryan, 19, said she has lost her best friend, sister and partner in crime.

She said: “She had just started really getting back into her football and this season I am coming back to play at centre back with her in goal, she was so excited.

“I still can't believe it and I don't want to, I just don't want to let her go.

“I know she is still with us, looking down on us all, and she will be in our thoughts every step of the way.”

Her brother Michael Ryan, 20, gave a poignant tribute remembering his little sister.

“She was always the prettiest flower in the garden, the most beautiful song you will hear. Her smile was so bright it made the sun look like a candle. She was and still is the brightest star in all our lives. Nobody would be able to forget her even if they wanted to.”

Brother Darren Ryan,30 said: “Your smile will live on in our hearts, and you will be in our memories always. Sleep tight favourite and sweet dreams, Big bro, Penny and Katie.”

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Auntie Midge said: “Siany, your zest for life leaves a legacy of inspiration.”

Niece Taniesha said: “I will love you forever, you lit up the room with your bubbly personality, you were a stunning, clever and the brightest star in the sky. All the funny notes you wrote are still all over the house.”

Auntie Bev said: “Sianny, be just as nuttie in heaven babe. Love nuttie Auntie Bev.”

Her cousin Elisha Porter said: “It never occurred to me how much I could lose, I will love and miss you forever.”

Gathering together at Copleston High School where they all grew up with Sian, dozens of her friends came with her family to lay flowers in memory of their bubbly, outgoing and treasured friend.

The outpouring of grief was clear to see as waves of friends arrived, some wearing t-shirts emblazoned with pictures of Sian and others carrying bright bunches of flowers and notes in tribute to her.

Chrissie Ryan said her whole family have been overwhelmed by all the support they have been given, receiving hundreds of cards, flowers and messages on social networking site Facebook.

She said of the tribute at Copleston High School yesterday: “It was just amazing, just thinking about what those children did off their own backs.

“It was so special and they are so brave when they are all hurting so, so much. It was lovely.”

One of Sian's elder sisters Zoe Walker added: “It was so comforting to feel the love and warmth for Sian.”

The 18-year-old male driver of the Audi from Kesgrave was arrested after the crash along with the Citroen Saxo driver, a 19-year-old woman from the Ipswich area.

Both teenagers were released without charge on police bail and must report back to Ipswich police station on October 5.