Family’s shock after crash victim discharged from Ipswich critical care because ‘no beds were free’

Daniel Warner. Picture: CONTRIBUTED BY FAMILY

Daniel Warner. Picture: CONTRIBUTED BY FAMILY - Credit: Archant

A 26-year-old man was sent home straight from the intensive care unit at Ipswich Hospital just days after suffering a serious head trauma because there were no free beds, his family has claimed.

Ipswich Hospital A&E. Picture: ARCHANT

Ipswich Hospital A&E. Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

Daniel Warner fractured his skull during a car crash in Ipswich’s London Road at around 1.15am on Thursday.

Paramedics took him to Ipswich Hospital and he was admitted to the intensive care unit, where doctors found he had also suffered a bleed on the brain.

On Saturday, Daniel was allegedly sent home because he was no longer considered critical, but there were no beds available on another ward for further treatment.

His older sister, Stephanie Fisher, said: “They discharged my brother knowing he’s not stood up for longer than 10 minutes maximum, and that was only to get him dressed, when he was discharged.

Daniel Warner with his brother Curtis and nephew Joshua. Picture: CONTRIBUTED BY FAMILY

Daniel Warner with his brother Curtis and nephew Joshua. Picture: CONTRIBUTED BY FAMILY - Credit: Archant

“His bleed hadn’t stopped or dispersed they told us, but he had air around the brain to which we had no idea what they meant or what damage it could do, if any.

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“He was unable to go to the toilet by himself, couldn’t feed himself without prompting and his speech was slurred.

“He was in my opinion in no fit state mentally or physically to be allowed home.”

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She added: “It’s absolutely disgusting.”

Daniel Warner with his nephew Oscar. Picture: CONTRIBUTED BY FAMILY

Daniel Warner with his nephew Oscar. Picture: CONTRIBUTED BY FAMILY - Credit: Archant

Once at home Daniel showed no sign of improvement so his mother, Claire Warner, phoned 111 and was told to get him back to the hospital immediately.

As the family, from Ipswich, tried to get Daniel to a car he collapsed on the driveway so an ambulance was called.

Miss Fisher said new scan results found the bleed on her brother’s brain had grown bigger.

She added: “Every professional person we have spoken to other than those who have to sign the paperwork have said it’s a failed discharge.”

The family, from Ipswich, also claim Daniel appears to be suffering with post traumatic stress as a result of the crash and has received no mental health support from the hospital.

Ms Warner said her son couldn’t remember anything of the crash and was now “like a zombie”.

“He should have stayed in and been monitored,” she said. “ICU said to me there’s nothing more we can do here.

“The hospital said as he can move his limbs and his consciousness levels haven’t decreased he’s fit to leave. It’s abysmal.”

Ms Warner, whose other son has autism and requires care, added: “You talk to [Daniel] and he’ll respond but his short term memory isn’t any good. He can’t remember any of the accident. It’s just devastating.

“He’s just like a shell. People say ‘hi Dan’ and he doesn’t even look up.

“It’s like he’s died, but he’s in front of us. Physically he’s still there.

“I’m his mum, I’ve got to cope, but it’s really difficult.”

A spokeswoman for Ipswich Hospital said: “Our understanding is the discharge was clinically appropriate but we are very happy to discuss any aspect of Mr Warner’s care either directly with the patient or indeed the family members.”

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