Fans have their say on Royle replacement

Town fans have been making their views clear on who should replace Joe Royle - but the verdict is far from clear.

Who would you have to replace Joe Royle and why?

Ian Buxton, of London Road, said: “I would have Alan Curbishley. Because he is free and would be a good manager.

“I think Joe Royle could have done the job though. He hasn't done anything wrong but he needed Sheepshanks to get his cheque book out.”

Gary Cox, of Morland Road, Ipswich, said: “Bring back Bobby Robson. He could turn things around and was always good for Ipswich.”

Adrian Sharpe, of Colchester, said: “I am a Colchester supporter. Things are going well for us so I would say Phil Parkinson would be the one to turn things around. But there is no way Ipswich are having him!”

Jamie Mulley, of Bramblewood, Ipswich, said: “I don't think Joe did anything wrong but he needed the money that's all.

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“I don't know who should replace him because if they don't get new players then anyone will do a bad job. Bring him back. He did the best job he could under the circumstances.”

Dan Smy, of Neath Drive, Ipswich, said: “Definitely not George Burley that's for sure. The best guy for the job would be Alex Ferguson but the best available people are Alan Curbishley or Tony Mobray.”