Felixstowe: Bank investigating skimmed ATM

A high street bank is today investigating after a cloning device was attached to one of its cashpoints in the town.

An international gang of thieves targeted ATMs in Felixstowe with “skimming” devices which copy people’s bank details and then use these in other locations.

Lloyds TSB confirmed that one of their cashpoints in Hamilton Road had been fitted with such a device and said they would send an engineer to the site straight away to remove it.

The move comes as a readers’ poll on The Evening Star website yesterday showed 96 per cent of people were worried about cashpoint crime in the town.

A spokesman for the bank said: “We take fraudulent activity very seriously, and we work with other banks and the police in combating this to protect both our and other issuers’ customers.

“The most important thing that any card holder can do to protect themselves against fraud is to always shield their PIN number when at an ATM or using a chip and PIN device.”

Earlier this week, people in the town were contacted by their banks and told that attempts were made to access their accounts overseas.

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Ben Matthews, who lives in the town, was contacted by his bank when thieves attempted to get funds from his account.

He said: “They had blocked an attempted withdrawal of more than �200 from an American ATM, which I was able to confirm was not me.”

Three years ago, thieves got away with thousands of pounds from bank accounts after a similar scam.

Financial Fraud Action UK said anyone spotting anything unusual at a cash machine should not use it and report it to the bank straight away.

Laws introduced three years ago mean that police will only investigate cashpoint crime if banks ask them to and can find useful evidence.

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