Felixstowe: Call for action after tree nearly landed on bungalow

A Corsican pine tree has fallen near houses in Felixstowe.

A Corsican pine tree has fallen near houses in Felixstowe. - Credit: Archant

HOMEOWNERS are calling for action after a huge Corsican Pine tree was felled in strong winds – landing just yards away from a bungalow.

The incident in Kendal Green on Monday morning came after several applications in recent years to have trees removed in that area and in nearby Buttermere Green.

The specimen that fell on Monday was around eight metres tall.

Geoff Turley, 58, of Kendal Green, said he only just put in an application to the council about two other trees which encroach on his property.

He said: “I don’t want to see the trees being cut down, I just want to see it made safe so it is not going to injure anybody or damage property.”

In May 2011, an application was made to remove a similar tree from Buttermere Green, opposite Kendal Green but the application was rejected.

Retired grandfather-of-eight, Ian McLennan, of Buttermere Green, said: “The council need to take great care with these trees to make sure they are safe.

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“When my grandchildren visit they will have to walk under the trees and if they are not kept safe it is an issue.”

A spokesman for Suffolk Coastal District Council said an inspection of the tree showed no evidence of rot or disease.

He added: “Unfortunately a combination of the very high water table and the very strong winds this morning led to its sad demise. The only good thing was that it fell the way it did and missed the nearby bungalow by over a metre as it could clearly have caused serious problems if it had caught the home. This tree and others have been regularly checked and trimmed as and when appropriate.”

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