Felixstowe: cemetery road pot-holes to be repaired

COMMUNITY leaders have agreed to spend �13,000 on repairs to a pot-holed roadway leading to the town’s cemetery.

Langley Avenue, Felixstowe, has been branded as “absolutely disgraceful” with the deep potholes giving grieving family and friends an uncomfortable bouncy and bumpy car ride as they bid farewell to their loved ones.

Town councillors were told three quotes had been obtained for work to resurface the roadway – two from the county council and one from Brookes and Woods, which provided the lowest tender at �12,948 plus VAT.

Cyril Webb, chairman of the cemetery and allotments sub-committee, said: “It is a very serious situation.

“We have hearses as well as families going to burials travelling down that road and it is very uncomfortable if they hit one of these holes – it is a very critical time for people and they do not want to be jolted about.

“The last thing we want is a wheel coming off a hearse.”

Councillors were told that the town council had received “an increasing amount of complaints” about Langley Avenue, an un-adopted road which is the responsibility of the town council and the adjoining landowners and householders, and “the situation was becoming pressing”.

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They agreed to spend the money to resurface it and also to look at how such repairs might be paid for in future, possibly setting aside a firm sum of money each year within the council budgets.

Freezing temperatures during the coldest winter for a century caused the problems in the road, the frost loosening its surface which was then worn away by vehicles going to and from the cemetery.

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