Felixstowe: Church hosting a gifted storyteller at special event tonight

Speaker J John in action.

Speaker J John in action. - Credit: Archant

An evangelist who has spoken in 69 countries across the world is the guest of a Felixstowe church tonight.

J John, who is a Canon in the Church of England, has been described as “refreshing, humorous, passionate, earthy, accessible and dynamic”.

He will be speaking at the River of Life Church’s Christian Life Centre, Carr Road, at a special event at 7.30pm.

Admission is free and there is no need to book.

He has visited the church before and the previous events have been enjoyed by hundreds of people.

A spokeswoman for River of Life said: “J John is a creative Christian speaker with an appeal that transcends gender, age, race, culture and occupation.

“His much-loved art of storytelling helps people to discover spiritual meaning in a way that makes sense of everyday life.

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“J John believes that contemporary society is showing many alarming signs of having turned its back on God or being unaware of His existence.

“He argues that the loneliness, anxiety and broken relationships that trouble many people are often symptoms of this separation.

“He believes that a lot of people’s understanding of Christianity is a misunderstanding.

“In his own inimitable style he enables his listeners to understand that Christianity is not only reasonable, but relevant and vitally important.”

J John has completed thousands of speaking engagements on six continents.

He is also the author of more than 50 titles and there are over a million copies of his books in print in 13 languages.

J John said: “Surveys suggest that 30% of the British population would identify with the statement that they are ‘spiritual but not religious’.

Many ‘spiritual’ people consider religion to be a dirty word: it is a dull, formal system of creeds and rules that must be rejected.

“Many people take the ‘spiritual but not religious’ position because they have had an extraordinary experience which they cannot explain.

“They believe that there is ‘something out there’, a something which is more than science can define.

“Frankly, although it is superficially appealing, being ‘spiritual but not religious’ is not a faith that you can build your life on.

“It is soufflé spirituality: an attractive soft froth that will soon collapse.”

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