Felixstowe: Council investigating after huge firework party showered area with debris

ENVIRONMENTAL health officers are investigating today after receiving a series of complaints about a huge private firework party in Felixstowe.

Residents say the gardens, streets and cars were littered with debris after the display-sized powerful fireworks were set off.

Some householders have complained that pets were left terrified by the noise from the late-night display, which could be heard all across the resort, and car alarms were set off.

The display is believed to have been launched from the garden of a property in the Garrison Lane area.

A spokesman for Suffolk Coastal said the council received three complaints early this week and visited the property of a resident on Tuesday which showed evidence of the “fall out” from a large firework display.

“From the evidence/debris we saw at the one property it would appear that this was a large firework display unsuited to a residential area,” said a spokesman.

“We will be speaking to the householders at which the ‘display’ took place with advice about fireworks.

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“Our duty is to investigate noise nuisance and we will be warning them that regular music or fireworks may lead to unreasonable disturbance of neighbours and potentially constitute noise nuisance.”

The council have also been in touch with Felixstowe police, who have the powers regarding firework displays that go on beyond 11pm, to inform them of their investigation.

Writing on the Streetlife social networking site, Lesley C said: “I think that if people have a valid complaint then the more people who contact Suffolk Coastal the more chance there is of these fireworks having to be scaled down in future.

“I know of people several roads away who have suffered either from the noise or from debris landing on their property/cars.”

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